Wild Wash Senior Shampoo

Senior Shampoo

WildWash Senior Pet Shampoo is a natural, quick rinse shampoo specially formulated for older dogs.

CHF 19.90

Made with ginseng and palmarossa.

WildWash Pet Shampoos are designed to be quick rinsing and delicate on skin. They contain No Petrochemicals, No Phthalates, No PEGs, No Sulphates, No Parabens and No Phosphates. They are the go to product if you want a natural pet cosmetic product.

Our older pets can start to have lots of niggly little problems that they didn’t have when they were younger. Things such as, dry skin, hair loss and a case of excessive odour.

Luckily, Wildwash Senior Shampoo has been specially formulated using natural ingredients to help treat these issues.

Directions for use: Completely wet coat with warm water. Apply WildWash Shampoo and massage gently through the coat, avoiding the eye area. Rinse thoroughly and repeat as necessary. 

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