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  • Bird Care, Take care of the 'Wildlife'
    Bird Care, Take care of the 'Wildlife'
    337 Views Liked 11-02-2020

    When and how to feed Garden Birds. Although winter feeding benefits birds most, food shortages can occur at any time of the year. By feeding all year round, you'll give them a better chance to survive food shortages whenever they may occur.Having modern bird feeders will invite nature in, without compromising on design and style.

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  • DogFinder
    1256 Views Liked 04-05-2019

    The DogFinder is a unique additional feature exclusive to curli products and at no additional charge!The service is free and will provide you with a valuable extra service to help you recover your dog in the event that it should go missing.In a nutshell, the process couldn’t be simpler. On receipt of your curli harness, register your unique DogFinder serial number – it is located under the DogFinder flag on either side of the harness – and enter the details on the secure database...

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  • How Often Should I Bathe My Dog ?
    How Often Should I Bathe My Dog ?
    3393 Views Liked 05-06-2018

    While dogs do not require daily baths as we do, they need regular bathing - but how much regular depends on several factors, such as the environment and the type of fur of the dog.Here are a few general tips :- The bath once a month works for most dogs.- Dogs with an oily layer, as Bassets, can be necessary to swim as often as once a week.- Many breeds with short hair with smooth coats, such as Beagles and Weimaraners, do just as well with less frequent baths. Hair short Basenjis are...

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  • Dog behavior
    Dog behavior
    2115 Views Liked 21-03-2018

    Communication begins with understanding. If you want to build a better relationship with your dog, you can start by working to understand the meaning and causes behind some of her most common dog behaviors. Understanding dog behavior You need to be observant to recognize any changes in your dog's behavior. Use this guide to help you recognize important body language signals and get to know how your dog is feeling. 

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  • Cohabit between dog and cat
    Cohabit between dog and cat
    1712 Views Liked 03-03-2018

    Despite what popular culture would have you believe, it is actually possible for dogs and cats to live in harmony even if they have completely different temperaments, lifestyles and behaviors.Respect the behaviors of each species. Dogs and cats have very different social structures as species. Dogs organize their society in packs with a hierarchical structure, in which there is only one dominant animal. Cats, on the other hand, are solitary animals who defend their territory.

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  • Should I sleep with my Dog ?
    Should I sleep with my Dog ?
    2074 Views Liked 18-02-2018

    Good news, dog lovers: Letting your four-legged friend into the bedroom does not worsen your sleep, according to a new study and it may actually help you rest easier. But before you cuddle up too close, know this: Researchers still caution against snoozing in the same bed. The researchers found that having a dog in the bedroom did not necessarily compromise sleep quality, as had previously been suspected.Though that is considered a satisfactory score, people with dogs in their beds woke up...

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  • Should You Share Your Bed with Your Cat ?
    Should You Share Your Bed with Your Cat ?
    1620 Views Liked 18-02-2018

    Having a cat or two in bed is soothing and relieves stress. It promotes the connection with your pets and can help you fall asleep. Cats do not take up more space than a small dog.Once you have allowed your cat to go to your bedroom and sleep with you, then it is very difficult to change his habit. There are certain circumstances in which cats should be banished from bed. Never let your cat sleep with a child under 4 or 5 years old, and especially not with a baby. If you have allergies or...

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  • Can I feed my pet with raw food ?
    Can I feed my pet with raw food ?
    1706 Views Liked 11-02-2018

    Why feed raw? A BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Foods) diet is about feeding dogs, cats and other animals properly. A BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Foods) diet is about feeding dogs, cats and other animals properly. The goal of BARF is to optimise the health, quality of life and reproductive capacity of animals and by so doing, minimising the need for medical intervention. How do you feed a dog properly? You feed it the diet that it evolved to eat. It’s evolutionary diet. A...

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  • Cat behaviour
    Cat behaviour
    2616 Views Liked 20-01-2018

    Cats are fascinating but sometimes mysterious creatures. Cats communicate in a variety of different ways, and to properly understand cats it is vital to appreciate how and why they communicate. Visual signals are important for communicating mood and intentions. Body postures, expressions, pupil size, and their ability to erect hairs on some or all of the body, are all involved in visual signalling.

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  • Modern Cat Furniture Mykotty
    Modern Cat Furniture Mykotty
    3121 Views Liked 04-02-2018

    Some cats spend as much as 80% of their lives sleeping, so it is worth providing them with a comfortable bed.We are proud to present you the new luxury cat beds and scratching furniture from the brand MYKOTTY.MYKOTTY is more than just a brand! They believe that furniture for cats can be beautiful, modern, and fit perfectly within any stylish interior.They have created cat furniture which is design while not losing functionality and providing your cat with an unforgettable experience. The...

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  • Why does my cat crave for warmth ?
    Why does my cat crave for warmth ?
    1724 Views Liked 14-01-2018

    Cats are mammals which means they use a certain amount of fuel to heat their bodies. Almost a third of their fuel is used to maintain their skin and fur. You will often see a cat snoozing in a sunbeam, laying down by a heater, curled up on your lap in a warm bun, or cuddling on your face when you're in bed - especially when the ambient temperature is cool. Face it, cats like heat.

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