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  • Cabana

    Price CHF 179.90

    The Cabana features a modern design of real wood and soft felt

  • Classic

    Price CHF 119.90

    The Classic Dog Bed is made of high quality materials, durable and amazingly...

    • New


    Price CHF 99.90

    Unique shape, careful finish, and the stylish texture of the fabric will take you to a new...

    • New


    Price CHF 99.90

    The DREAMY bed is a soft and comfortable sleeping bag with an additional insulation layer.

    • New


    Price CHF 99.90

    The LOFT dog mat offers the perfect solution for the pet owner on the move. Its compact shape...

  • Mat Chill

    Price CHF 79.90

    The Chill Dog Mat is the best choice for young puppies looking for their comfort zone and...

  • Nap

    Price CHF 139.90

    A beautifully crafted round bed for a small dog or cat 

    • New


    Price CHF 69.90

    The NAP dog blanket is the perfect item to facilitate moments of well-deserved rest for your...