Information about the use of Cookies

Cookies are files stored on your computer when you connect to the site. They are used to improve your experience while using our different online services.

Store your account details

Cookies save you from having to sign into your personal account every time you visit the site after the first time you are connected. This cookie makes a link between your computer and your session, but it never stores your password.

Save your shopping basket

Cookies back up the products you have added to your shopping basket so that you can find them again on future visits.

Save browsing data

In order to show you the correct page contents and redirect you to the relevant online shop, the site remembers your language and country using a cookie.

User statistics

Cookies collect anonymous information about the use of our website to allow us to make it more user-friendly.

In particular we use Google Analytics cookies to improve the contents we show, browsing on the site and to simplify the buying process.