SinDesign Poopoopeedo


The cat litter box that is both aesthetic and functional. A design egg shaped litter box with a pop and harmonious look never seen before!

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A design egg shaped litter box with a pop and harmonious look never seen before !

Convenient for both you cat and yourself, it consists of two stackable hulls maintained by 7 grip points so that the cat’s passage does not lift the lid.

Thanks to the cat paw shaped handle on the top hull, they are easily separable in order to conveniently transfer the bottom hull’s content into a trash bag.

The opening size allows any cat to access easily into its litter box, while it limits at most litter projections and avoids spreading throughout the place.

Ultra resistant, quality and ecological material, the plastic used is 100% recyclable and resists to the acidity of cat’s urine.

Designed and thought for long-term use, Poopoopeedo offers solidity and robustness never seen before. The litter box can be easily cleaned and washed by a simple water jet in a shower or a bath.

Its smooth coating on the inside does not retain dirt and odors do not permeate.

Accessories are discreetly and carefully integrated inside the lid, so as to avoid losing them while hiding them.

Ergonomic and easily washable poop-scoop clipped inside the lid, allows you to clean your litter in all simplicity.

Clipped inside the lid is a replaceable anti-smell tablet, that helps avoid odors from spreading in your home.

Delivered accessories : 1 poop-scoop, 1 support for tablet, 2 anti-smell tablets (duration : 1 month / tablet)

Poopoopeedo is adapted to all cat size, included big sized cat like Main Coon.

Data sheet

3.7 kg
70 x 40 x 40 cm - Lower : 70 x 40 x 15 cm, Upper : 70 x 40 x 25 cm, Opening : 18 x 21 cm)
ABS resisting to urea, 100% recyclable, anti-UV
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Très pratique

"Produit de très bonne qualité et très design. Mon chat l'a adopté tout de suite. Sa taille est parfaite et son design la rend discrète dans notre interieur."


Pricey but worth the money

I'm pleased with this product. The cats eyed it suspiciously to begin with but they love it too. The great advantage for me is that it limits the amount of litter that's kicked outside the litter box and it means their poop isn't visible if you walk past or have visitors round. The cats love it because it gives them some privacy to do their business so a big hit with them. It is expensive but I don't regret the purchase at all.

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